About AFA

COMBINING OVER 40 YEARS Experience In Utility Coordination & Management

The AFA team has over 40 years of experience working with designers, contractors, and agencies resolving issues with utility owners in the areas of coordination, engineering, utility locating, CADD, permitting, and construction. We approach each project promoting a partnering approach combined with our commitment to quality customer service maximizing our project success rate.

AFA's expertise includes locating and coordinating utilities for design consultants, utility owners, and agencies on all types of projects including:

  • Street improvements
  • Highway and freeway design and construction
  • Water, sewer, and drainage pipelines
  • Light rail
  • People movers
  • All types of public works projects

The AFA team has taken part in the development and update of the Arizona Department of Transportation’s (ADOT’s) Policy for Accommodating Utilities on Highway Rights-of-Way and authored the City of Peoria Utility Undergrounding Master Plan.

We are experienced in a variety of utility-intensive projects, including:

  • Coordination of all utility issues for the 136-mile ADOT MAG Freeway program
  • Special Project Manager for Utilities, Rights-of-Way, and Construction for the 20-mile Central Phoenix East Valley Light Rail project
  • Senior Utility Coordinator for Phase 1 of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Sky Train project

AFA is capable of handling all types of utility issues, including prior rights disputes and expert testimony.

  • Located in Phoenix, Arizona, AFA is actively involved in local, national, and industry associations, including:
  • ACEC (American Council of Engineering Companies)
  • ACEC Annual Roads & Streets Committee
  • APWA (American Public Works Association)
  • APWA Summer Conference Committee
  • ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)
  • ASHE (American Society of Highway Engineers)
  • ASCE’s Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute (UESI)
  • APWA Arizona Utility Coordinating Committee (AUCC)
  • APWA National Utilities and Public Rights-of-Way (UPROW) Committee


Typical Standard Utility Locations
Al Field & Associates
Al Field & Associates




We offer over 40 years, experience coordinating utilities for governmental and private projects since 1975 throughout Arizona. When you utilize the services of Al Field & Associates (AFA), you receive a turn-key solution to your project’s utility needs. Al and his team, specializing in Utility Coordination, have gained state-wide respect as industry preferred providers. Our primary goal is to determine where all utilities exist and work with the consultant to design around them where possible. This avoids expensive and time-consuming relocations during project construction when encountering unknown utility results in a project delayed with expensive change orders. If relocation is required, our quality relationships with a vast collection of utility contacts and knowledge of how utility function reduces the time and cost of any relocations. AFA is the number one option when looking for the specific skills, industry knowledge, and professional "know-how" to successfully manage utility issues on your projects.

Our experience includes 20 years at Arizona’s Public Service Company coordinating utilities for projects statewide, including I-40, I-10, SR 202, and SR 51projects. Experience includes working at the Arizona Department of Transportation as Sr. Utility Coordinator on all proposition 300 MAG Freeway Program Projects, the METRO Light Rail Phase 1, and Phase 1 of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Sky Train.



Safe Site Utility Services is a full-service utility locating firm utilizing the latest technologies coupled with many years of experience in locating, identifying, and mapping utilities. The goal of every project is to identify any and all potential utility conflicts so all conflicting utilities might be avoided during design and no surprises are discovered during construction. To that end, we utilize various applicable geophysical means including electromagnetic locating, ferromagnetic locating, acoustic locating (for non-metallic pipes), and GPR (ground penetrating radar). This service is provided for utility mapping purposes for the design team and employed prior to any potholing activities. During the ASCE Standard 38 Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) process, the Quality Level B (QL-B) step is too often ignored. Our focus and attention to the QL-B process is what allows Safe Site to eliminate unnecessary potholes, reduce or eliminate potholes in which no utilities are found (“dry holes”), and enhance the ability to find other utilities that may not be shown on existing maps or records. Many designers do their records research (QL-D) and field surveying of visible signs (QL-C) but then move directly to the “Pothole Exhibit” (QL-A) without performing any field utility locating resulting in dry holes. Our goal for you is to avoid any unnecessary expenses.